100$ enough to start forex trading.

100$ enough to start forex trading.

I personally believe 100$ is enough amount to start forex trading. If you do not have big amount to invest then you can start with 100$ but make sure you trade so carefully. Trade by taking small risk in your account. Do not take big risk because it won’t take long to zero your account.

How can you  trade with 100$

  • Do not use standard account , use cent account.
  • Do not use big lot size. 
  • Use lot size 0.01
  • Never ever trade during the NFP
  • Avoid trading on cross pair and metal pair
  • Trade on Major pair only
  • Use indicators and watch over market.
  • Stay away from trading during the news time
  • Before taking entry in real account take entry in demo account
  • Be patience and do not take more than 2 entry at same time
  • Use stop loss and take profit

This all suggestion may help small capital holders in trading. I earned good with 100$ many times. So I do not think 100$ is bad or poor amount to start trading. You may lose this amount but trust me you will learn many thing. So it is not loss even if you lose your 100$ capital in real trading.

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