People invest in any business for making profit also same in Forex market.  The big question can rise on your mind that how much profit you can earn from your investment.  

The profit depends on market  situations. Every traders has his own strategy to trade to make a good and continuous profit. All strategies are not make good profit all over the year. So it is clear that if a month we make 20% profit then it is not sure that we make 20% in next month. Its totally depends on market conditions.

We always try to save our deposit first then profit. So we never can give you any guaranty to make any fixed amount of profit. But our past history says our depositors make 10% profit per month. You can hope 10%  profit per month from your deposit. You can deposit any amount from 100$ to 100,000$.

We are always ready to reply any of your query. So please never hesitate to ask us if you have any query.

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