Do not do over trading.

Do not do over trading.

There is a term which is known as over trading. Today I want to discuss about it. 

when you keep trading without following strategy, plan or money management that is known as over trading. Actually to make huge profit and to get huge so quickly we often do over trading. Intentionally we do not over trading. It happens some how.

Reason behind that:

Actually to earn more and to recover our loss we do over trading. When a trader fails to earn money then he does over trading. He tries to recover his loss so quickly and that is why he keeps doing over trading.

Consequence of Over trading.

The result of over trading is loss or failure. Over trading can not bring positive result. It will always become the reason behind your failure. You can not make continues profit or big amount of profit by doing over trading

How to get rid of it?

Its a psychological matter. If you want to get rid of over trading then set up your mind and promise that at any cost you won’t take multiple entries at the same time. Be determined about your work. Do not break your any rules.

Its up to you. Your dedications can make everything possible.

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