Do not open order when you are not sure.

Do not open order when you are not sure.

In forex keep one thing in your mind that you are dealing with money. You are trading by investing your valuable money. So do not open or take any order when you not sure. First watch market movement try to understand the market and finally take order never forget to take small lot entry. Big lot size is really dangerous. Most of the traders are losing their capital just they are trading by using big lot entry. 

Stay away from it. Market moves every single second. So do not be afraid by watching market movement. Market movement is a natural thing. Every day and every minuet market takes move. So, By watching movement if you open any wrong entry then you will suffer. Not to suffer and to stay here for eternity you must trade by using small lot size.

To be sure about market actual movement use D1 time frame or Weekly time frame. D1 and Weekly time frame will show you exact movement or you may get to know where market may reach.

It may time to take order but take order after being sure. Do not live hesitation because that will cause you big loss. From my experience I am suggesting this. Better not to trade rather than taking wrong entry.

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