Newbies focus on learning not earning at the beginning.

Newbies focus on learning not earning at the beginning.

Newbies focus on earning more than learning. They do not want to learn forex. They just jump on earning. They think this a  buy and sell business. Where they need to depend on their luck to make money. Actually that is not correct. We all real traders know that forex is not luck based business or earning source. It is way more than that.

Some suggestions for newbies are given below.

  • At the beginning try to understand this business
  • Do not jump on real trading before you know anything about forex
  • Try to acquire knowledge about forex.
  • Read books article and blog regrading forex
  • Spend huge time with senior and expert traders
  • And yes trade with demo account for long time.
  • Innovate new, new trading strategy.

Newbies please follow this direction. This is for your own good. Trust me this will help you to perform well in forex market.. Never rush into this business. Many will say many things but believe what you have seen. At the beginning innovate new, new things by yourself. Try to gain more about this market. Think before you invest because money is valuable thing. You are not getting money so easily from anywhere. So take decisions very carefully.

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